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Women Empowerment

We beleave that empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors is essential to build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability, and improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities.

Poverty alleviation economic empowerment,

  1. Health and nutrition,
  2. Gender budgeting & Gender mainstreaming,
  3. Empowerment of vulnerable & marginalised groups,
  4. Gender rights gender based violence & law enforcement,
  5. Social empowerment & education,
  6. Media and advocacy and
  7. Information technology

Our little efforts to Empower our women in our society:

  • Our continuous efforts to protect the women right by social awareness campaign, making them educated , making them self sustainable, making them aware about their right . We make the social campaign against child marriage.
  • Economic Empowerment is the main aspect to emower the women . For which we work for our women from underprivileged society.
  • We provide job oriented or self employable skill development courses like Tailoring, Beautiparlour etc and many special courses for women only under VTP (Vocational Trainning Programme) in maharashtra.
  • We worked for MCED(Maharashtra Centre For Entrepreneurship Development) to empower the economically backward women with traiinig them and make them self sustainable.
  • We trainned app. 15000 women with our skill development courses like Tailoring, fashion Designing, Beautician, Fancy Bag Making, Catering etc.
  • We organise seminner , door to door campaing to motivate , encourage, making them concious on their right, Environment and Health.
  • Our team work on social campaign to stop child merrage.
  • MUMBAI, DOMBIVLI,KALYAN, and Mumbai Sub Urban Area is the world’s fastest growing population and widely urbanisation extention, home to more than 20.7 million people. more then 2000 new residents move to the capital every day. Economic opportunities are pulling people to the cities while climate change is pushing them to move out of low-lying areas.
    Life in the city is not easy. Many new arrivals end up living in informal settlements with limited access to basic amenities. The pressure on Mumbai and its sub urban areas are mounting and similar challenges are emerging in other rapidly urbanising areas through out the country.
    It is time to take action and reshape our cities into places we all want to live in. We will make sure that people can access quality, affordable basic services and scale up innovations that improve city life. We will also work with urban government institutions to help low-income communities benefit from urban growth.
  • Our team is dedicated to protect and promote human rights of the poor and marginalised through legal empowerment.We operate Aid Clinic and free Treatment Clinic in the slam , poor habited area throughout the Country. Our work is premised on a rights based approach to human development.
  • CDRome has been working for decades to integrate gender justice into its programmes and eliminate gender injustice in society
  • CDRome agriculture programme aims to contribute in achieving food security and reduction of hunger and malnutrition through increased environmentally- sustainable and economically-profitable agricultural production. Applied and adaptive research is conducted to develop better crop varieties and improved production technologies for higher agricultural productivity. The programme is operating farmer participatory experiments for technology validation and fast-track diffusion of cutting-edge agricultural and aquaculture technologies in ecologically adverse geographic regions of India.